1. Complete Interior & Exterior Painting
  2. Residential & Commercial
  3. Specialty and Faux Finishes
  4. Mildew Removal & Prevention
  5. Acoustic Ceiling Removal
  6. Floor Coating & Concrete Staining
  7. Waterproofing & Elastomeric Products

Underdog Painting services, Lake County, Mendocino County, Napa County, Marin County and beyond.  We offer Commercial Painting, Residential Painting, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting

You can expect a high quality job by Underdog Painting. We thoroughly prep for every project.

All painting work is done in proper sequence and in accordance with paint manufacturer's specifications. Surface preparation, i.e., washing, scraping, sanding, etc., is done first. Then the priming followed by the finish painting. The field supervisor will inspect the work periodically while it is ongoing to ensure it is running smoothly and according to plan. 

  1. Provide paint and material
  2. Full area wash prior to painting
  3. Scrape and sand peeling areas
  4. Prime all bare wood and bare metal surfaces
  5. Caulk cracks and seams
  6. Cover fixtures and hardware
  7. Apply primer coats where needed

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Our Services Include:

  1. Wood Restoration Stripping, Refinishing & Staining
  2. Fine Finish Cabinetry & Trim Work
  3. Drywall Repair & Texture
  4. Gutter Cleaning upon request
  5. Certified Lead Paint Removal
  6. Environmentally Friendly Painting Available
  7. High Pressure Washing


Underdog Painting is a full service painting company that specializes in high quality residential and commercial, interior and exterior painting.

"Preserving Your Investment"